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New business in 2020, but not new to the industry, Meatworx was founded by Brad Walters and Rentia Cannon.
Delivering professional ethics and high-quality customer service.

Brad Walters - Meatworx homekill butcher - Auckland


Brad is passionate about providing the best quality food to the table.
Butchery and cooking has been a lifelong passion for Brad. He felt that the contrast between a retail shop and a homekill butcher shop was worlds apart. Wanting and striving for a stellar homekill service, he gave up his career in Management, Sales and Marketing and went back to school to learn the art of Butchery and then started Meatworx.

Brad is one of the first and possibly is the only fully qualified butcher in the homekill industry in NZ that gained his qualifications in the new apprenticeship program. He also specialised in Carcass Breaking and Boning, Curing and Smoking and Handcrafted Small Goods.

Completing the majority of training at Clarks Organic Butchery, the highest professional skill level was expected in all areas. These skills, as well as previous industry experience and his attention to detail, is evident throughout the entire business. 

Rentia is the driving force in the background.
Striving to provide a detailed professional approach and higher customer service at Meatworx, Rentia is ticking all the boxes and doing the essential behind-the-scenes work adding professionalism to the industry. Also a butcher apprentice working towards getting fully qualified.

Not new to owning a business Rentia is the owner of Rentia Cannon Photography, successfully operating since 2012. With a background in Computer Information and Technology and incredibly passionate with a camera, her attention to detail is aligned with Brad's vision. An amazing team providing amazing results.

Rentia and Brad love farm life and share their land with many animals on their property in West Auckland.  

Rentia Cannon - Meatworx homekill - Auckland

Why choose Meatworx as your ethical homekill butcher?

  • highly experienced qualified butchers
  • we offer specialty cuts 
  • our gourmet sausages are outstanding
  • expertise in smoking and curing
  • free vacuum packing with clear labels 
  • individual and personal service - chat with Brad or Rentia

  • convenient online ordering 
  • mobile and in-store Eftpos available
  • online progress tracking of your job
  • online job and purchase history
  • cuts clearly labeled incl. date and weight
  • delivery options available